X-C Ski & Snowshoe Conditions

Report for

Wednesday March 16th


Trails are closed for snow sports.


The Inn is typically open daily with cozy warming room, water cooler, guest microwave, and guest refrigerator.  However, if trails are not open call ahead to esnure that inn is open.

X-C ski & snowshoe rentals for all ages when trails are open.  Rental equipment must be used on our trail system only.

Dinner available on Fridays & Saturdays during the ski season.


Trails are closed for x-c skiing & snowshoeing.  Goodbye to the least snowy winter in as long as anyone can remember.  Thanks to those who did come out to enjoy the trails on the limited number of days that snow sports were possible.  Best wishes for the remainder of 2016.  We hope to see you for the 2016-2017 winter season.

New Snow


Base Depth

Surface Conditions  
Kilometers Open for Skiing

0 km 

Percent of Ski Trails Open


Kilometers Groomed


Kilometers Tracked

0 km

Kilometers Skate Groomed

0 km.  No skate skiing available at any time

Kilometers for Snowshoeing

0 km

Thought for the Day

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance.  The wise man grows it under his feet.