Looking Forward to Winter Adventures for 2021 Season

Weather permitting, we will be open for x-c skiing & snowshoeing during the 2020-2021 season with some modifications to ensure the safety & comfort of all guests & staff. Masks are required inside the buildings and anytime six foot distance cannot be maintained outside.  Masks are not required while skiing or snowshoeing. Distancing from individuals who are not in your party is required. A one-way flow of traffic thru the building will be maintained (i.e., enter one door, exit a different door). Bathrooms will be available on the days that the buildings are open.

The warming room will be available on the days that the buildings are open, but visitors are asked to get warm and then go back outside (i.e., no lounging inside longer than what is required to warm up). No food service will be provided (other than breakfast to the overnight guests). Bottled water, can soda, and pre-packaged snacks will be available for purchase.  Advance reservations are required for equipment rental and lessons (email dexters@tds.net or call 800-232-5571 to make a reservation). Equipment rental will involve a guided self-service system involving a masked & distanced staff person, with equipment demonstration taking place outside. Visitors are welcome to put their ski boots on inside and to leave their street shoes inside if they so desire.

The number of individuals in a lesson group will be limited, lesson participants will need to maintain distance from one another, and masks will be required during the entire lesson session. After the vacation week between Christmas & New Year’s the trails & buildings will be closed on Tuesdays or Wednesdays (i.e., no equipment rental, no lessons, no bathrooms, no warming room on Tuesdays or Wednesdays until the February school vacation week).

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